However, the series of events which prelude and the cost at which you save him is probably not worth the struggle. There are not many cinematic achievements that are as impressive as what got done in the Infinity Saga, the first twenty-three films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.It truly changed the game for superhero movies, building on the foundation created by Sam Raimy's Spider-Man trilogy and, more so, the Dark Knight trilogy, making superhero movies a near unrivaled box office monster. Even as games gained complexity, they didn't offer much in terms of story. Along the way, Mr. DeWitt struggles with his own morality, eventually coming to terms with that fact that the evil dictator Comstock must be stopped. Given Wander's ambiguous moral compass, which becomes clearer as the story unfolds, there may be some justice to this. The Hunger Games: 10 Saddest Deaths, Ranked Due to the nature of the universe it's set in, The Hunger Games saw many loved characters die. Whether they take place in a classic children's movie, a big-budget superhero flick, or a doomed romance, they'll tug on your heartstrings and have you reaching for your tissues. 1:14. If Shepard allows him to forge ahead, Mordin still dies in an explosion as part of a sacrificial act. The world of Final Fantasy is teeming with unique characters and rich storylines. If he can complete this task, all of his gambling debts will be erased and he can resume his life. Regardless of the choice, this outcome is always bittersweet. And boy, did InFamous 2 deliver on that front. He speaks softly to his friend, asking him to become his legacy and to live his dreams as if he were still alive. Dom and his squad mates find themselves backed into a corner, overcome by copious amounts of Locust. Tidus may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but there is no denying that his heart is pure. Joel attempts to save Sarah, but she gets shot in the stomach and dies. It's for this reason that the loss of John Marston was so heartbreaking. RELATED: 10 Video Game Deaths That Still Haunt Us In horror games, the objective is almost always to survive. This spunky young go-getter aspires to be the best Blitzball star ever, much like his father was. You stand with them when they are at their worst, rejoice when they prevail, and mourn them when they don't. Here are the series' saddest deaths, ranked. The game tells the story of ex-outlaw John Marston who buys his family's safety in exchange for hunting down his former gang members for the Bureau of Investigation. The Saddest Deaths in the Mafia Games - Mafia 3 Vitos Death, Tommys Death, Henrys Death. Red Dead Redemption is set in the American Wild West in the early 20th century. Bepipisay. Keep reading if you’re interested in the list of our top 5 sad gaming deaths! Since Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to the original release, every diehard fan knew that Zack's death was inevitable. Top 15 Saddest Sports Deaths. These are the five saddest video game deaths. These 13 characters have some of the saddest deaths in all of gaming. So here are the saddest video game deaths of 2016. Throughout Final Fantasy VII, we hear stories about Zack Fair, a close and personal friend of Cloud, who passed on. The former history professor finds himself convicted of murdering a state senator whom he found sleeping with his wife. Hope you've got a box of tissues on hand to prepare yourself for "them feels bro". This is a classic example of a death caused by association, a horrible situation in which Jenny never deserved the untimely fate she received. 10 Cato However, the 2014 versions traveled to 2023 with Thanos, and all got killed by Tony Starks's heroic snap to save the world or in other ways. 3 thoughts on “ Top 25 Saddest Video Game Songs (12-1) ” Pingback: Top 25 Saddest Video Game Songs (25-13) – Guardian Acorn Pingback: Site Progress and Personal Update: November 2018 – Guardian Acorn TENET 4K ULTRAHD BLU … Let us first start by saying that it is entirely possible to save Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 3. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.". Perhaps the greater tragedy is the fact Agro survives, but Wander never finds out. Video Games. Final Fantasy X features a truly elaborate and engrossing story that follows the adventure of Tidus, a young Blitzball star from the beautiful city of Zanarkand. The following heartbreaking movie deaths are tough to sit through and even more difficult to forget. It is revealed that certain alternate versions of Booker would later become the fanatical Comstock. Quantity. Bepipisay. The ending is bittersweet, touting Noble 6 for his heroic efforts in stopping the Covenant, while also remarking on how agonizingly close he was to surviving the affair. When anyone talks about sad moments in gaming, this name usually pops up. As you play, you realize the gigantic creatures are being provoked into fighting, and might be benign in their own way. 25 Most Tragic Deaths In Video Game History Shocking, devastating, and undeserved... 37 2 Video games are almost never short on death. icebzock. A subtle moment of weakness suggests that Batman is finally ready to give in, to kill The Joker once and for all (by refusing to give him an antidote that will cure his illness). Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths. During the final showdown in Arkham City, The Joker believes that he has finally persuaded The Caped Crusader. It's noted that John lost his father when he was only eight years old and was forced to live in an orphanage as a result. "Had to be me. The haunting melody of "Aerith's Theme" that played right after she fell still makes hardened gamers find some dust in their eyes. This simple flower saleswoman had a relationship with Zack from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and later met Cloud through some very curious circumstances. When Cloud and crew attempted to pursue the evil Sephiroth, the silver-haired villain tried to slow the hero by "forcing" him to kill his new found friend. Game of Thrones: 5 Deaths That Broke Our Hearts (& 5 We Actually Enjoyed) No character is safe in Westeros. Tread carefully. After meeting his mark, Elizabeth, Booker begins the arduous task of freeing her from the grasp of Columbia. This hero spent his time in Spira working towards the elimination of Sin, only to discover that he was created specifically for that purpose. 9 share Report Save level 2 4 years ago The cool thing is that it's both the saddest AND the funniest game I've ever played. The two were inseparable from that moment on. There are two names for this particular spot on the list due to the choices you'll make during the end game for Grand Theft Auto IV. Either choice is heartbreaking, for both Clementine and the player. It’s the latter I want to explore today and there’s no end in the amount of worthy candidates for our top 5. There have been many releases over the years that have tapped into tear ducts and sent us into crying fits. Christopher Nolan film 'Tenet' released on home video streaming sites. Along the way, Wander loses his companion, which is heartbreaking enough on its own. Jenny isn't a character that we are afforded a lot of time with. They make stories so much richer and remind us that no one's invincible, not even your favourite in-game hero! Regardless of his attitude towards others, Lee remains a steadfast protector to Clementine and essentially promises to protect the girl with his life. Unfortunately, Jackie found himself living an undesirable lifestyle. Follow. The game rewarded this selfless choice by killing her when her back was turned.

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