The weak hand will be a phonologically weak handshape (the old rule was the weak hand would be B A S O C G or 5) 16. When you are finished, click submit. ... Weak Hand Deletion. She also suggested that this weak drop variation may also reflect language change in progress, based on the presence or absence of the weak hand (WH) in certain ASL signs. Sign up for free to create engaging, inspiring, and converting videos with Powtoon. Look at the ASL PAH! Study 40 ASL Linguistics Quiz 1 flashcards on StudyBlue. Example: Horse, … stories on the DVD and find four examples of lexicalized fingerspelling. exhibited deletion of the non-dominant hand in the informal setting. Compounds undergo the phonetic process of "hold deletion", ... For example, the word WEEK has handshape /B/ with the weak hand and /1/ with the active hand; the active hand's handshape may be changed to the handshape of any number up to 9 to indicate that many weeks. In sign, these patterns establish the maximum complexity of the shapes and movements articulated by the arms and body. ... Linguistics of American Sign Language: An Introduction, 4th Ed. Sometimes the weak or passive hand is deleted from two-handed signs. ASL Linguistics Quiz #8 Instructions: Choose the best answer. Unformatted text preview: LING 200 University of Washington November 13, 2015 Kristi Winter, Presenter ¡ American Sign Language (ASL) ¡ Brief History of ASL Researches ¡ ASL Linguistics § ASL Phonology § ASL Morphology § ASL Syntax § Language Variation – if time permits ¡ “American Sign Language is a natural language used by members of the North American Deaf community. 1 Make an Impact. These processes may sometimes be called weak hand lowering (Paligot and Meurant 2016) or weak hand drop (Brentari 1998). “2. Explain what changes have taken place in terms of the eight changes discussed in this unit: Deletion/addition, location, handshape, movement, orientation, reduplication, second hand, This product is a bundle of 5 sets targeting the following phonological processes:final consonant deletion frontingstoppingconsonant cluster reduction weak syllable deletionFor the first 4 processes, there are minimal pairs on 35 cards, and all cards include picture stimuli for each target word. phonology of american sign language ... Deletion, epenthesis, metathesis, assimilation ; 2 phonology sanitized 1. The first contact rule, the single sequence rule, and the weak hand anticipation rule are what kind of rules a. morphological rules b. phonological rules c. syntactic rules d. pragmatic rules 72. Two-handed signs may exhibit lowering of the WH to a variable degree relative to the dominant hand (DH), up to and including omission of the WH. 71. The first contact rule, the single sequence rule, and the weak hand anticipation rule are what kind of rules Kept According to the "first contact hold morphological rule," if two signs come together to form a compound and the first sign has a contact hold in it, that hold will be: