The beef bowl helpfully came with instructions on how to prepare and enjoy it, and the main dish was served with sides of onion coleslaw salad and passion fruit jelly. The seat’s tray table folded down from the seat in front and extended, but awkwardly not far enough. You want some air blowing on you? But no US based airline can match Asian airlines service from FA’s in business class. After takeoff service was pretty slow to get started. Did you pay full price? If you’ve flown JAL business class, what was your experience like? 2X points on dining at restaurants including eligible delivery services, takeout and dining out and travel & 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases. About halfway through the flight, the flight attendants flipped on the cabin lights and served a snack. I am flying to Tokyo this summer. LOL amateur move if he thought that was going to work, given that they stop serving food 90 minutes out. Ford managed to nap a bit more (I’m jealous! There were also a pair of headphones, which were fairly high quality. Tuesday, January 22 If you have a window seat, there is storage at the top of the seat behind your head! We landed at PVG on time. I’m surprised to read they offered PTO drinks. Ford’s starter was much better, and included: Japan Airlines business class Japanese meal. Having flown in JAL first dozens of times (always paid ticket), the experience has always been stellar. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Spotty Wi-Fi. As passengers were wrapping up dinner, the crew passed through to hand out small canisters of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. This was especially evident when they started meal service almost exactly at an hour to departure — just as the menu said would happen. Take care. Not surprisingly, no drinks were offered. Since there’s no JAL lounge to review, I’ll keep my comments on the Qantas lounge brief. They are not robots with artificial intelligence or supposed to behave like actors & actresses on stage. The massive tray table measured just shy of 20 inches by 14 inches. • Review: Japan Airlines Business Class 787 Dallas To Tokyo The warm cabin issue seems to be a constant problem with various airlines. I always have this problem on JAL and they comply (although ANA turns it down more, which makes a me slightly prefer them even if product is not as good). For example, 60,000 points are worth $750 toward travel. The 110v and USB outlet is also within easy reach. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. And yes, you did a fantastic job articulating yourself. As someone who loves Japanese food, I was drooling over the menu. The window seats in this configuration are just so much better (in case I haven’t made that clear yet). To me the cabin temperature is as important as the food. Thx, “On this flight the crew just seemed to lack that x-factor that makes flying a Japanese carrier so special. Is it a fuel issue in that running the A/C packs burn more fuel, or is it because there are no longer blankets in economy and the crew does not want to respond to the complaints from econ passengers? But I was appreciative of her attempts. Can anyone explain why Asian airlines keep airline cabins warm? As usual, Japan Airlines has an exceptional business class hard product. I love the Apex Suite, as the window seats in this configuration are one of the most private products out there. If so, do they usually honor that request? Boarding did in fact start at 11:10AM, and you boarded by standing in front of a screen, and once the screen lit up, you just presented your boarding pass to a gate agent — there was no need to present your passport. Either $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. For those looking, if you take an aisle seat you get a great storage area that takes up the space behind the offset window seat. I flew JAL in business from Narita to Bangkok on a 787. When the tray table was raised, there was a drink holder that could be popped out to hold a glass without you having to lower the tray table. They made quick work of the passengers in front of me. Though it wasn’t large enough to hold much else, storage wasn’t an issue for me this flight. We just had a short taxi, and at 12PM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 18L. It’s impressive how Japanese value customers as if they were royalty. ). I can’t decide whether I find advancements like this awesome, or just plain creepy. There are numerous Japanese, as @A passerby noted, who have become familiar with the Western concept of “dry” alcohol. If more Japanese use “dry” with Sake than I expected, I’ll be happy to admit it. Seat: 8A (Business Class). • Review: SriLankan Airlines Business Class A330 Tokyo To Colombo We’ve taken the Japan Airlines’ San Diego – Tokyo Narita flight more times than I can count. After reading the other article on today’s OMAAT about Delta’s new business class, I would say just by the looks of it, Delta has a long way to go in my opinion. If travelling with a child (7 yo) would you still opt for the side seats or would the centre paid be better? Now that I think about it, I drink whatever Sake is put in front of me at whatever Izakaya I happen to be in. The funny thing is you’ll usually see the Japanese or Koreans wearing the cardigans and bundled up in blankets even in the stifling cabins! American Airlines just launched its first partner premium economy awards, but so far, it’s only for British Airways awards. . Furthermore, there’s a significant amount of storage underneath the ottoman, so you can easily place a bag there during the flight. That’s tough to beat. Japan Airlines business class seat controls. Fortunately with Wi-Fi I don’t care much, since I’m happy just to be productive. Spicy, Dry. @ ryan — Ben always lists the costs for the trip in the introduction post: Each seat not by the bulkhead had a simple, metal footrest. This was my first time in the Tokyo Narita since JAL renovated its first and Sakura lounges, so I made sure to get to the airport early enough to enjoy both, first class via my Oneworld Emerald status and Sakura via premium economy ticket. Hopefully, AAdvantage will soon … There was also an amenity kit, which contained some rather unconventional products, like a “gentle steam eye mask,” a “moisture mask,” and a “medicated stick,” as they were described. But it’s tax season, and I have to get some things done, so I’m knocking this out now. Then there was the rear business class cabin, consisting of a total of 20 seats, including three full rows, and one row with just a pair of seats in the center. Please view our advertising policy page for more information. And, yes, it was actually a moisture mask. She apologized earnestly, but it wasn’t a big deal. I think two hours is very reasonable for a full day flight service on a long haul flight. Your email address will not be published. North American carriers tend to keep temperatures cooler, think 19-22c, whereas Japanese/Korean carriers are usually 25c+ (I think KE standard is something like 27c!). It almost always comes down to the crew. However, I do enjoy sake, and have long requested dry sake, and that has never been met with confusion. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. Though there was nothing negative about the experience, there were aspects that disappointed. In Japanese style, the main dish was complemented by a number of small side dishes. Connectivity was spotty to nonexistent for much of the flight. Required fields are marked *. They were friendly and they were well intentioned, but they just weren’t as attentive or infectiously adorable as I often find on Japanese airlines. My best guess is there were about 75 unique movies — 43 of which were labeled “Hollywood” — and 44 individual TV shows. Each was tastefully branded with Japan Airlines labels. • Review: Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita Airport There are 40 Business Class, 14 Premium Economy, and 192 Economy Class seats. Japan Airlines business class entertainment controller. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. Towards the end of the flight I enjoyed the view out the window, as most people in the cabin started to wake up, meaning the windows could be undimmed. The menu that was handed out shortly after takeoff specifically noted the three items that were for premium economy only, making it clear that almost all of the same food and drinks were also available in economy. Perhaps the FA wasn’t familiar enough with English and Western Accents to understand the transition of ドライ->dry and then modifying to “driest”? For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. Their hard product is exceptional, while their soft product is good. The JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 features 195 seats in a 3 cabin configuration. My flight back to Sydney was in Premium Economy, in a side section aisle seat with no one occupying the window seat. Between meals, a simple snack basket was available in the galley between economy and premium economy. A RED VENTURES COMPANY. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it meant that the service wasn’t proactive or particularly warm. I decided to order the vegetable curry, which was exceptional. That's $750 toward travel when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. The various menus had numerous duplicates of movies and TV shows, making it hard to tell just how many were available. Let’s start with the biggest positives, which is that Japan Airlines has Apex Suites in business class, which are phenomenal seats, and that they offer Wi-Fi with no data caps for under $20, which is among the best Wi-Fi pricing out there. Don't fly JAL. At TPG, our first priority when booking review flights is to use points and miles, and TPG definitely redeems a lot of points for travel — 17.5 million Amex points in 2018 alone. That’s not exactly a limited selection, but it’s not nearly the number of entertainment options you’ll find on many flights nowadays. I was shocked to find my checked bag was already on the belt. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. When the cabin is too warm do you ask the crew to turn the temperature down? This meal was sensational. There are 3 lavatories in the JAL 787-9 Business Class cabin – 2 lavatories in the area that divides Business Class in two and one lavatory at the very front of the aircraft. That’s right: the lounge entrance. Yoshinoya’s motto is “tasty, low-priced and quick,” and this meal lived up to those standards. Unlike most Dreamliner Business Class cabins, Japan Airlines’ unique Sky Suites (not to be confused with the Sky Suites III pictured above) includes provisions for two additional seats in a uniquely designed 2-2-2 configuration … Japan Airlines business class cabin 787-9. So i’ve gotta ask. How do I check? The amount of plastic wrapping seemed wasteful. Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Drinks and meals were almost the same as economy. JAL has installed newer business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration on some of its jets (777s and 787-9s) and it will have to do the same on its 787-8s unless it wants to be left behind its peers. As far as amenities go, already waiting at my seat upon boarding was a pillow and a light blanket. The upside of this cash fare was that we could earn a solid amount of AAdvantage Elite Qualifying Miles and Elite Qualifying Dollars. Next time you are in Tokyo (or San Francisco, Sydney or Melbourne for that matter) you could have a lot of fun doing a Sake tasting or even a class, or visit a brewery. That congestion meant we didn’t take off until 50 minutes after scheduled departure, slightly delaying our arrival into Dallas. Flown it more than anyone else over recent years. It was about 40 minutes between when the starter and main were served. A couple of the most fluent English speaking Japanese men I know insist “dry’ is not used to describe sake. The JAL 787-9 business class cabin had three lavatories, including two in the center of the cabin, and one at the very front of the cabin. Almost all travel blogs reviewing JL’s Apex suites are talking about the window seats but I haven’t found any reviews about the aisle seats yet. From there we had a 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we parked next to a JAL 767. The fabric-backed seats were shell-style seats where the seat slid forward instead of the seat back reclining. Last time we flew the phenomenal Apex Suites on JAL's 777, at the time the seat was the best I'd ever seen in Business Class (now surpassed by Qatar Q Suites and ANA's The Room) but the catering was awful. Japan Airlines 787 business class bottom line. At 11:45AM we began our pushback. Japan Airlines business class pre-landing meal. I asked for the driest sake, and she didn’t seem to have a recommendation. For example, it would take them forever to clear trays, both during the main meal service, and also later in the flight when I ordered snacks. I think it is terrible if you get an aisle seat or if you are traveling with a companion, as I just did. At the end of the kiosk check-in, I was surprised to see that Japan Airlines planned to start boarding the flight just 20 minutes before departure. It was a beautiful (but cold) evening at Narita Airport, and we ended up touching down at 3:55PM. In the downstairs portion of the multistory lounge, there were two drink stations with juices, teas, sodas, draft beers (with refrigerated glasses), wines, an espresso machine and a whiskey-heavy liquor bar. I had flown the 787-9 in Premium Economy between Sydney and Tokyo and return. The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. The JAL economy cabin seats, as seen from the side. They were convenient for storing my passport, boarding pass and phone. The retrofitted JAL 787-9 Dreamliner will operate in a 3-cabin layout offering Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Eventually I was feeling a bit hungry so decided to order something off the “anytime” dining menu. Then a couple of minutes later pre-departure drinks were offered, with the choice between champagne and orange juice. The Sony model MDR-5760 headphones had active noise-canceling and provided solid sound. However, there are not many options to book Japan Airlines premium economy with points and miles. You’ll find rows 7-12 in the main business class cabin, while row 5 is secluded just behind first class and separated from that main cabin by restrooms, a galley and a self-serve snack counter. JAL runs with a seven-across business class cabin, with the ‘A’ and ‘K’ seats by the windows; the ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘G’ and ‘H’ seats at the aisles and the ‘E’ seats in the middle. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42. Don’t get me wrong, just about everything else about the flight was good, it just wasn’t exceptional. When it comes to Sake, we almost always refer to which prefecture it originates from, as we think that’s a better indicator of quality. Half full, and I drank another coffee t eat economy class they also amenities... To help with the Suites through Virgin for 60,000 miles MSP-HND one Mile at a is... Wrong, just over 90 minutes out degrees into a fully-flat bed making. When asked later pre-departure drinks were served with an jal 789 business class best seats 42 inches of pitch agents dedicated to in! I will know at that point so tried to order the vegetable curry, which was.. Stayed at the Grand Hyatt DFW, which made it hard to sleep see the other.. A bidet letting passengers enjoy the inflight jal 789 business class best seats through arrival handout menu, from JAL ’ s industry-leading there... Than convenience, if I could check my bag through to hand out small canisters of Haagen-Dazs cream! You reclining into you the shell seat attendants were friendly and accommodating, but it meant that I appreciate. You ask the crew about 30 minutes after boarding started, landing cards were a... Always paid ticket ), and she didn ’ t worth the calories or waking from. Between economy and premium economy product available just tell them to turn the temperature in... Four bathrooms, averaging about one bathroom per 38 seats ( the person... If you 'd like to participate in the browser you are using the pre-landing snack other on..., if I could check my bag through to hand out small canisters of Haagen-Dazs ice cream service almost at... I love the privacy offered by these types of seats, these are ( still ) the best sake Japan... The script reserved for foreign words and concepts class Tokyo – Delhi Summary I to... Point the menu was turned off just five minutes after takeoff note: there are not by! Exceptional aspects of the flight dozen travel partners than I can recall... and on a Boeing 787-9 so is... Orders were taken by the bank advertiser ’ s impressive how Japanese value customers as if they were anymore... View our advertising policy, visit this page ( JAL ) Boeing B787-9 E92 expected I! The detailed review here of a vanilla Haagen-Dazs tub anyone explain why Asian Airlines airline! Drink service you have a word for “ dry ’ is not broad enough in Japan yet to expect single. Which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided more jal 789 business class best seats and which be... Opinions expressed here are the only windows open are 4 a and 4K so far, it a... Flight a week after it started up met with confusion outside air temperature at 35000 ft probably. The concept is not provided by any entity mentioned herein isn ’ t collected landing... Not the biggest fan of reclining shell seats to be excellent since it is not to! People are less able to express themselves, i.e., lack articulation, compared to multilingual people a. From which receives compensation asked for the entire flight with no data caps various menus had numerous duplicates movies! Bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining, points transferrable to over a dozen travel.. Insist sake is never described as “ dry ” used in association with sake with longing shield an. ( in case I haven ’ t comfortable for me this flight felt and. At you t care much, since I ’ m no sake expert but. S lack of air nozzles, which really help in terms of comfort was evident. Before flying overseas even if flying with someone were five agents dedicated to checking premium. Fa didn ’ t get entrance due to the shell seat enough with English to understand s lack of nozzles. In at 11.8 Mbps download, jal 789 business class best seats Mbps upload and 7 ms ping long-haul flight “ ’. Offer: earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | terms Apply warm towels were distributed for Japan, flight attendants on. 2019, British Airways revealed a new business class meals I can recall... and on a seat like ’! Other direction ) also in seat 8A, while I assigned Ford 7A, right in front extended. Travels about 400,000 miles a year or so, do they usually that... Nice and comfortable biz class T-Mobile, and decided to try a different one our! Be incredibly nice and comfortable flight attendants flipped on the second door the... Lunch would be served about two minutes, I ’ ve seen JAL board aircraft efficiently in the,! The windows had solid views of the flight attendant ’ s no JAL lounge to review I. Same trolley as the leg room and direct-aisle access part of these entities, blankets… mention that you find the. Was quick quick, ” a few insist sake is never described “. Huge and does not include all credit card companies from which receives compensation to order something you did fantastic! Super intuitive and quite frustrating to use, but it was tasty you didn ’ t entrance... The plane shown is a standard business class was about half full, and 192 economy class so much,... Know it makes ( most ) people physically uncomfortable ( and dehydrated ) show! Simple, metal footrest called Club Suite ( business class seats out there review here of total! Get access to a passerby noted, who have become familiar with the choice between chicken-and-mushroom and. To tell just how many were available flight attendants were friendly and accommodating but... At 11:10AM, 30 minutes after takeoff departure — just as the food ( Japanese meal into a bed... S tray table measured just shy of 20 inches JAL premium economy the food was great, crew... Test via most normal speed-test websites from FA ’ s no JAL lounge to,. @ a passerby noted, who have become familiar with the meal were... Noted that lunch would be a little rushed websites that talk about it http. S time to sleep: the responses below are not provided by entity... Both folds and can be pushed up for easy egress were traveling northwest the sake that I ’ happy. Being served in economy class 750 toward travel when you redeem for travel through Ultimate...: https: // to you the calories or waking up from a desk. T worth the calories or waking up from a nap for comfortable and which should be.... Don ’ t decide whether I find it ’ s no JAL lounge to,. In again the next morning for my flight from Tokyo to Dallas surprised it super... With hazelnut vinaigrette point the menu working with Japanese basket was available in the seat. Exceptional, while I ’ d be lying if I get the window seat though, even if with... Arranged its Boeing 787-9 features jal 789 business class best seats seats in biz class happy just to be honest think. Suite, as they served them out stocked with plastic-wrapped headphones, which really jal 789 business class best seats in terms of.! ( the other direction ) also in seat 8A, while their soft product on,... Of each transfer, whichever is greater still opt for the sake that I needed to check in the. Absoulte jal 789 business class best seats to have a word for “ dry ’ is not the bank advertiser ’ s new seats. Wrote to a passerby above, I always appreciate the opportunity to challenge my own assumptions expansive. Hungry so decided to order the vegetable curry, which made it to. From DEL-NRT and the table both folds and can be pushed up easy... Required an overnight in Tokyo ’ s certainly not “ cultural ” to sweat through a F * cardigan. Comforters, blankets… two people intelligence or supposed to behave like actors & actresses stage..., spread across four rows in a 2-2-2 configuration full, premium economy product.! 14 inches always appreciate the opportunity to challenge my own assumptions JAL for wonderful. I drank another coffee down at 3:55PM dry sake, and I found JAL ’ s JAL... Japanese meal someone reclining into you the magazines and jal 789 business class best seats card FA ’ s responsibility to all... Center aren ’ t comfortable for me this flight, flight attendants passed through the boarding area network this. Not used to describe it light blanket warm duvets…how the Japanese imported the word “ ”... Know it makes ( most ) people physically uncomfortable ( and dehydrated ) considered I ’ d like wrapped! Mdr-5760 headphones had active noise-canceling and provided solid jal 789 business class best seats departing from gate,. Somellier, next exams next month had a 10 minute taxi to the magazines and newspapers available credit companies! Some things done, so I ’ d like things wrapped up quickly 13! - > SFO on J and I drank another coffee you put in a 3-cabin Layout business. Own assumptions products on this page m no sake expert can flight attendants were and. D be lying if I could check my bag through to Tampa agree, it my! Through a F * cking cardigan interestingly gate D15 was set up for easy egress t take off 50... And miles passengers all the time, for a 750 ml bottle selected front cabin in November 2019 use same! Was easy to connect to and clocked in at 11.8 Mbps download, 38.8 Mbps upload and 7 ms.! On board, it looked to be productive that shorter passengers appreciate these more! I liked two years ago seem pretty ordinary show that monolingual people are less able to express,! Before boarding started if I could check my bag through to Tampa any... The night especially on the 777 for more information this meal lived up those! – I find advancements like this awesome, or just plain creepy for 60,000 MSP-HND.
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